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For some years now, we have been seeing a new American trend here in Germany: the Mummy Makeover.

Mummy Makeover in Munich

After pregnancy, not all fat deposits on the belly, hips and thighs disappear completely. Breastfeeding can also cause the breasts to lose volume and tone. Over-expansion of the abdominal skin due to weight gain is often not completely reversed and occasionally cracks appear in the surface of the skin, the so-called stretch marks. Unwanted wrinkles in the navel or lower abdominal area can also remain. All of these physical changes can be surgically restored to the body and weight similar to before pregnancy. A breast lift, possibly in combination with an addition of volume using your own fat or an implant, conjures up a beautiful décolleté, liposuction and/or a tummy tuck round off the Mummy Makeover treatment perfectly.

We always recommend a Mummy Makeover a few months after weaning and also ask you to wait for the individual hormonal change before a procedure. Then we can recommend a combination operation that has already been carried out frequently and very successfully in our practice clinic. Here we combine a breast lift, breast augmentation, liposuction and an abdominoplasty or an intimate surgery correction in order to charge you with only one operation. You also save costs, because we only need this one surgical setup for your operation.

During a detailed preliminary consultation we will check the feasibility of this combined operation and examine all indications.

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