In the long history of plastic surgery, nose surgery is one of the first operations to be performed. Various sources show that already in ancient Egypt, at the time of Cleopatra, noses of high-ranking personalities were subjected to aesthetic correction.

Nose Surgery

Especially today, in times when individual perfection is highly valued, aesthetic nose surgery has a particularly high status in our society. In our clinic, I regularly perform aesthetically indicated nose operations, I‘ve been doing so for over 15 years. The transition between a purely medical and an aesthetic operation is fluid here. Usually two points are treated during this operation: On the one hand, the nasal curvature and displacement of the ideal axes is corrected, and on the other hand, the impairment caused by a narrowing of the airways or a bending of the nasal septum is medically and aesthetically corrected. In this way, corrections of the nose that are (only) indicated purely aesthetically usually have a positive effect on the function.

We offer you an extremely detailed consultation for your nose operation, because ultimately it is a very individual concern, whether for men or women, to shape this prominent part of the body with exactly the right correction. We have decided not to offer computer-assisted morphing in our clinic because we have made the following experiences: Although it is possible with the new computer programmes to suggest a perfect result simulation of a nose operation, in many cases the result will be different. The physical characteristics of each individual patient have an individual effect on the reality, the perfect result, in interaction with the existing surgical skills. Much more suitable and goal-oriented is a somewhat more elaborate consultation which is worked out on the basis of your different portrait photos and changes in the bone skeleton or in the cartilage area. With this type of medical information and consultation, it is possible to clarify much more concretely whether and how we can fulfil the individual wishes of our patients. I may add from my experience that this type of operation preparation minimises the later risk of a second operation to about 10% of the plastic surgery average for follow-up operations.

Elective surgery requires special attention by the surgeon and his team. My patients receive a pre-operative laboratory test as standard, which may reveal any diseases that have not previously been apparent. All patients are put through their paces, so to speak, with a 12-channel ECG before an operation in our practice clinic. For your safety, we have also introduced another special feature in our clinic: All our patients who have a nose operation stay one night postoperatively in one of our beautiful clinic rooms for medical and nursing checks (incl. breakfast service).

This minimises the risk of circulatory dysfunction, significantly reduces your pain and minimises post-operative swelling through consistent cryotherapy. These precautions have so far prevented any complications such as haematoma formation, bleeding and even recurrent surgery. Postoperatively, of course, we offer all our patients medical check-ups within a reasonable time frame, as well as a follow-up over several months to years.

That is exactly why I, Dr. Caspari, accompany the majority of my patients for 10-15 years postoperatively after this plastic surgery intervention.
We will be very happy to advise you in our consultation hours and help you to consider your decision to have an operation and to clarify all your questions.

There are many good reasons for choosing an operation with Dr. Peter Caspari:

  • Over 25 years of experience in surgery, Dr. Caspari has been operating on noses with medical and with demanding aesthetic indications for twenty years.
  • Dr. Caspari has been practising as a surgeon since 1993. After accident and general surgery, he trained in cardiac, thoracic and vascular surgery. Specialisation in plastic, aesthetic and reconstructive surgery began in 1998.
  • Dr. Caspari opened his own practice clinic at Maximilianstraße 54 in Munich in 2005 and has been treating thousands of patients there ever since.
  • Various national and international advanced training courses and congresses round off his outstanding skills.
  • Dr. Caspari trains colleagues abroad and lets them learn and profit from his experience.
  • Dr. Caspari’s special gift for gathering an outstanding team around him rounds off the portfolio of his practice clinic.
  • In addition to the beautiful clinic rooms and premises, Dr. Caspari places special emphasis on a warm and private atmosphere.
  • A surgery is only performed at Dr. Caspari’s after a thorough consultation. Safety is the top priority here; operations are performed in sterile clean room conditions.
  • You can trust in Dr. Caspari’s sound expertise and expect an excellent result. 
  • After your operation, you will be lovingly cared for by the perfectly trained practice team in one of the luxurious rooms of the practice clinic.

Dr. med. Peter Caspari offers you all the techniques of facelifting and much more:

  • Dr. Caspari has meanwhile successfully performed many hundreds of nose corrections.
  • Dr. Caspari uses only the highest quality surgical materials.
  • You can look forward to an individual treatment concept.
  • Your detailed consultation with Dr. Caspari guarantees you exactly the result you want.
  • Prior to your operation, you will have a detailed discussion with the experienced anaesthetist Dr. med. Arda Yazici; he has been looking after our clinic, together with his team, for over 12 years.
  • We will be happy to answer all your questions about financing and help you with your application.

Any other questions?

You can reach us at 089 12 11 46 80 or via our online appointment booking.

Excerpt from congresses and seminars

  • Regular further training and congress attendance:
    “Medical, professional and scientific development is important to me. We want to offer our patients the gentlest and most modern surgical methods. That’s why further training and exchanges at expert meetings are extremely important to me.”
  • Dr. med. Peter Caspari, MD, International Speaker:
    “I am very grateful for my diverse experience in the field of plastic surgery and very much enjoy passing on my expert knowledge at national and international specialist congresses.”
  • Member of important professional societies:
    Dr. med. Peter Caspari is a long-standing member of the prestigious German Society of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons (DGPRÄC), the Association of German Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (VDÄPC) as well as the renowned international societies ASAPS, ISAPS and EAFPS.

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