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Specialist in plastic, aesthetic and reconstructive surgery

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Clinic for esthetic surgery in Munich

The clinic Dr. Caspari is an elegant and top modern clinic for plastic and esthetic surgery, located in the heart of Munich. Together we welcome and treat patients from all over the world, who decided to adjust their outward appearance to their inner attitude towards life by having cosmetic surgery.

Modern technical equipment makes performing smaller operations possible, followed by a short stay in a luxurious and pleasant atmosphere. More complicated operations that require a longer stay and recovery time in hospital are performed in a modern clinic in Munich.


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Inform yourself and get an overview of all the different procedures that are offered in the clinic:

On the one hand a lot of female patients suffer from small or almost non existing breasts that often are congenital. Through the insertion of implants during a breast enlargement, individual and satisfactory results can be made possible. On the other hand, there are many women that suffer from breasts that are too big. In the course of time, the feminine breast is subjected to a multitude of changes caused by ageing, pregnancies, nursing periods, loss and increase of weight and hormonal variations. Breasts that are above average in size cause damaged posture and painful changes in the spine. A breast reduction or breast uplift may help with that problem. It is not rare for men to have a more feminine breast shape that either is inherent or caused by a hormonal disorder. At our clinic, we also offer breast reductions for men.

Liposuction is another body shaping operation we offer at our clinic. The method of liposuction can be used all over the body. The aim is to remove persistent fat tissue which cannot be reduced by sports, diets or special gymnastics. Frequently affected body areas are: tummy, waist, back, buttocks, thigh (inner and outer), knees, calf, and ankle. We also use this method in the head area to treat a double chin or the neck region. For men who have a more feminine looking breast, liposuction can be used to correct that, too.

Being also specialized in genital surgery, I offer my female patients corrective operations of abnormal labia and the mons pubis.

Please contact me and my team, if you want to know more about our offers, the operations in particular and our clinic or if you want to have more information, e.g. on topics like costs and financing. My team and I are looking forward to meeting you.

The upper arm lift represents another body shaping surgery. An ugly accumulation of excess skin in the upper arm, which hangs down when the arm is lifted, develops from the decrease of the elasticity of the connective tissue or from a large loss of weight. After a performed lift, the skin appears again young and tight. The same reasons that were mentioned before can result in an ugly accumulation of excess skin in the thigh, which appears to optically sag. After a thigh lift, the skin appears tight and the thighs appear again in a juvenile silhouette. Through pregnancy or loss of weight the stretched skin around the tummy often doesn’t go back completely. I recommend patients, who suffer from this condition, an abdominoplasty (tummy tuck).

Face shaping operations are also performed in the clinic Dr. Caspari. The facelift is one of them. The advanced aging process of the skin appears in an increased formation of wrinkles and the loss of youthful contours. Furthermore, elastic fibers invariably loose vigor. A facelift helps diminishing this development. It is of utmost importance that a successful facelift is not recognized as such, but rather that the face keeps its natural looks. In addition to a facelift, some patients require eyelid surgery as well. The sagging of eyelid skin is a sign of old age which can often already be seen at the age of thirty. We can solve this problem by performing an eyelid correction. The natural expression of the eye shape and the function of the eyelids will be kept.

Rhinoplasties are also performed in our clinic. A conspicuous shaped nose leads to imbalance of the proportions between nose, chin and forehead, which could mar the picture optically. A bulbous tip of the nose, a hump or a nose that is too long, can be an optically undesirable appearance. But those can be corrected by performing a rhinoplasty. Through invisible incisions, cartilage and skeleton inside the nose are prepared by surgical precision work and changed in shape and/or size. With this technique, scars stay invisible.

There are also many patients that want to have ear plastic surgery in order to have their ears set back closer to the head. Protruding ears are congenital and are often considered to be unpleasant. A correction of the ears is even possible in the early childhood, we recommend a correction before the child enters the first grade.

Another operation that we offer at our clinic is the lipostructure with own body fat. In advanced age, the subcutaneous tissue (hypodermis) decreases, by which muscles and bones are made visible, in an angular way. Through the injection of one’s own body fat, your face will have a more youthful charisma. One’s own body fat is removed from areas like the lower abdomen or the inner thighs and injected into the chosen area. Nowadays, most of my patients wish to have a lipostructure for their hands as well.

Besides the presented surgical procedures, we also offer a series of alternative methods and therapies. It is not always necessary to treat wrinkles by performing a facelift. Using botox against mimic wrinkles, injections under wrinkles or a chemical peeling might sometimes be a better choice. With a special therapy, we also help our patients who suffer from hair loss that is congenital. In cosmetic dermatology, we successfully use laser therapy. The laser interferes regulatively into the affected fiber structure and activates the body’s own recovery processes. By destroying the hair follicle under the skin, a permanent depilation can be achieved as well.