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Breast augmentation in Munich

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How does the classic breast augmentation work?

In our clinic we offer you a great pre-operative service. For all elective procedures, including breast augmentation, our patients receive a free blood test.  We want to make sure that the patients are healthy at the time of the operation and that even the smallest of uncertainties is not overlooked. In addition, we do an ECG (electrocardiogram) on all patients to make sure that the heart is functioning normally. Of the 1000 patients who are actually healthy, one or two with abnormal laboratory or ECG values are sent for treatment by colleagues. This is a service provided by our clinic to increase your safety.

After all the preparations have been made, the day of the operation arrives. You will come to our clinic at the appointed time and will be greeted again by our anaesthetist, our nursing team and by me. The necessary markings will be made and any questions will be answered. Since you come to us sober, the operation can be performed relatively soon.

After the operation you will stay in our recovery rooms. There you will be monitored by our staff and also electronically until you are fully fit again. After the breast augmentation operation, we would like you to stay in our clinic for another night as an in-patient. This has the advantage that your circulation will stabilise again, your appetite will return and any pain can be treated with medication. In this way we would like to offer you a wonderful all-round package. On the day after the operation you will receive medical care and a nice breakfast to regain your strength.

You may be collected by relatives at an arranged time; we will of course also be happy to organise a taxi for your journey home. At regular intervals, we will ask you to come to our clinic for a wound check; usually after a few days, after a week and for suture removal after two weeks. We continue to offer regular check-ups six weeks, three months and twelve months after the operation. Of course, you can have the annual check-up after breast surgery with us. In addition, we recommend an ultrasound check-up and the mammography checks suggested by the health insurance companies at regular intervals.

    • My new, final breast shape: After 6 weeks
    • Stay at the clinic: 1 day and 1 night
    • Staying at home and taking it easy: For 1 week
    • Duration of the operation under anaesthesia: 1-2 hours
    • Which implants: Shape and weight can be chosen individually
    • Permanent scars? About 5 cm long, barely visible scars
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FAQ Breast Augmentation

  1. What is natural breast surgery?

    With breast augmentation, your breast can be individually enlarged or restored by using implants. You decide on the appearance of a natural body silhouette.

  2. What do I have to consider before a breast operation?

    We want to make sure that our patients are healthy at the time of the operation and that no uncertainty, no matter how small, is overlooked. That is why we carry out a free blood test in the laboratory. In addition, we carry out an ECG on all patients to make sure that the heart is functioning normally.

  3. Which implant is particularly suitable for my breast operation?

    Breast implants are not only available in different sizes, but also in different shapes. Silicone is the most used and proven material for breast augmentation. Your detailed consultation with Dr. Caspari guarantees you exactly the result you want.

  4. At what age is breast surgery suitable?

    We recommend that young women first make sure that their breast growth is complete before considering breast surgery.

  5. What are the risks of breast augmentation?

    Every operation involves risks. In our clinic we have a high sterile operation room, which is used by the medical team. Extreme precautions are taken. Furthermore, an extremely sterile working method is vital for the practice team and is an indispensable prerequisite for a successful operation.

  6. What is the procedure for a breast enlargement?

    Due to the different anatomical conditions of each woman, the surgical technique often varies. It is very important for us to advise each patient in detail before an operation.

  7. For whom is which breast augmentation method suitable?

    The choice of incision for breast augmentation is individual. It is possible to make an incision in the armpit, under the breast in the breast fold or around the nipple. Dr. Caspari places the implant either in front of or behind the breast muscle. Dr. Caspari will explain to you what is suitable in an individual, detailed consultation.

  8. Is breast surgery very painful?

    Modern anaesthesia offers a variety of different methods. Together with an experienced anaesthetist, we will decide which method is safest and best for you.

  9. What does breast augmentation cost?

    As the costs and the care for a corresponding treatment or operation are very individual, we will work through the costs together. After we have discussed and decided on the procedure and the method together, we will calculate a cost estimate.

  10. How can I finance a breast enlargement?

    Our cooperation with very competent partners guarantees you a very favourable, very individual financing. We have been working together successfully for many years.

  11. Does the health insurance cover the costs of a breast enlargement?

    In Germany, the costs for breast augmentation are not covered by the general health insurances and the private health insurances. There are a few exceptions, for example a deformity of the breast, a tubular breast or a very pronounced asymmetry.

  12. What should I bear in mind after breast augmentation?

    You should avoid heavy physical activity and sport and wear a special bra day and night. After about eight weeks, the breast implant will have healed optimally, and you will probably no longer have any impairments.

  13. What is the healing process after breast surgery?

    Shortly after the breast operation, the breast will be swollen. This is why they appear somewhat larger than expected. The stitches are removed about two weeks after the operation. After only six weeks you will see the final shape of your breast.

  14. What are the reasons for a breast enlargement?

    Breast augmentation is primarily about giving you the body image that is right for you. Many women suffer from breasts that are too small or shapeless, that are congenital or breasts that have changed after pregnancy or breastfeeding. Furthermore, there are patients whose breasts are malformed, for example after an amputation, following a cancer, or for other medical reasons.

  15. What do I have to consider after breast surgery?

    The healing phase after breast surgery depends largely on the choice of implants. Textured implants are very often used. These are implants with a rough surface, that bond well with the surrounding tissue. A healing period of at least six weeks is to be expected.

  16. What kind of bra do I need after breast surgery?

    After breast surgery, a special bra will help to keep your breasts in good shape. After about eight weeks, the breast implant has healed optimally, and you do not have to reckon with any impairments. Visually, the breast is recognisable in exactly the shape and size you have chosen.

  17. How long of holiday should I take after breast surgery?

    After a breast enlargement you should allow yourself some rest. A week‘s holiday is necessary so that you can recover. You should avoid physical activity for at least two weeks so that the healing process can run optimally.

  18. How long am I not allowed to do any sport after a breast operation?

    In general, I recommend a break of about 6 weeks. Rest is very important in the first few weeks for the implant to heal without complications; in the 5th and 6th week after the operation you can slowly start go move more and do exercise in doses. After 6 weeks after the operation, all types of sports are possible again.

  19. How should I sleep after breast surgery?

    For the first two weeks it is recommended to sleep on your back, and afterwards you are welcome to sleep on your side. To sleep on your stomach is only suggested after 6 weeks, when the implants have healed well.

  20. What complications can occur and how are they treated?

    Many complications can occur after breast augmentation, so it is very important to avoid risks. Wound infection is a serious complication. To protect yourself from this, you should avoid exercise and stress to the breast and especially sport.

  21. How long do breast implants last?

    Modern implants can usually be worn for a very long time. A change is recommended if the breast changes. For example, due to capsular fibrosis or a rupture/tear of the implant due to an external event. A good assessment of the condition of your implant can be obtained by a precise ultrasound. If there are any abnormalities, I always recommend a mammogram with the magnetic resonance tomograph (MRT). This can provide exact and medically relevant statements about the condition of the implant and the breasts as a whole.

  22. How can a natural result be achieved with breast augmentation?

    The choice of implants should be made depending on the individual anatomy of the patient. For this purpose, we simulate the size with external sizers in order to be able to perfectly determine the ideal size of the desired implant. Through the careful choice of the implant, the result is natural and fitting to the anatomy of the patient.

  23. Will there be a permanent scar after breast surgery?

    The scars after breast augmentation are very small, usually about 5 cm. At the beginning they are always reddened and visible. However, if the wound heals properly, they are usually hardly noticeable after a few weeks. The patient‘s skin type determines the duration of the visibility of the scar.

  24. Is a strong pectoral muscle an obstacle to breast augmentation?

    A strong, athletic pectoral muscle has a great influence when planning the placement of the implant under the muscle (submuscular). The strong muscle can sometimes cause a change the shape of the implant. The muscle lifted by the implant can also promote an unnatural breast shape. In these cases it is often better to position the implant above the muscle (Sub glandular). However, your breast augmentation also depends on other components: Your own breast volume, subcutaneous fat percentage of the skin and the size and shape of the planned implant.

What does the patient have to bear in mind after breast augmentation with implants?

The healing phase after breast surgery depends largely on the choice of implants. Textured implants are very often used. These are implants with a rough surface that bonds well with the surrounding tissue. These textured implants are offered by all current manufacturers and are currently the most commonly used implants. Here, a healing time of at least six weeks is assumed.

If you have a choice and want other implants with different surfaces, the healing time differs considerably. Implants with a surface made of polyurethane foam also need six weeks for the initial grading, but the feel of the breast changes for another few months. This means that the breast becomes softer from month to month and feels more and more natural. This process may well take 6-8 months. Of course, during this long healing phase, the patient is not restricted in her occupation, leisure activities or sporting activities.

Overall, no sports should be done for the first six weeks after breast surgery. In addition, one should refrain from bathing in lakes, the sea and in flowing waters, as well as avoid intense sunlight and heat. This is only to reduce the risks of breast surgery.

What are the possible risks of breast augmentation surgery?

First of all, breast augmentation surgery has the same risks as most other surgeries. There can be post-operative bleeding, wound healing problems and post-operative infections. The special thing about infection after breast augmentation is that in most cases the implant or implants have to be surgically removed. This is a very rare risk, but it is always associated with a poor post-operative healing phase. Here, the medical side takes the utmost precaution with a high-sterile operation room. This is also a requirement of the legislators in Bavaria, a condition for being allowed to operate with implants. Furthermore, an extremely sterile working method of the practice team is an indispensable prerequisite for a successful operation.

For your safety, you will be given a prophylactic antibiotic to shield you from bacteria. It is important that you follow the instructions of the doctors and the nursing team after the operation. Until the wound has healed completely, i.e. after about two weeks, the patient must take great care not to get any post-operative infections through smear infections. For this reason, we always offer postoperative wound checks with plasters and dressing changes in our clinic. This ensures increased hygienic safety for our patients.

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At what age can breast augmentation surgery be performed?

In general, breast surgery is only recommended after physiological growth has been completed. As it is known that the development of the body is not always even in young women, this is often a very individual decision. We advise young women to be sure that breast growth is complete before considering breast surgery. This point in time is often difficult to determine, as we know that breast development is not yet complete at the age of 20.

For legal reasons, the responsible parent(s) of patients under the age of 18 must consent to the operation. However, based on my many years of experience, we recommend waiting until adulthood for a simple breast augmentation. An exception to this is surgery for a physiological deviation, for example tubular or very asymmetrical breast sizes and shapes.

How can breast augmentation be financed?

The cost of breast augmentation is usually borne entirely by the patient. As it is a purely cosmetic operation, it is subject to VAT; currently at 19%. We are happy to provide our patients with financing, but, as a clinic, we do not provide financing. Our cooperation with very competent partners guarantees you very favourable, very individual financing. We have been working together successfully for many years.

When do health insurance companies cover the costs of breast augmentation?

In Germany, the costs for breast augmentation are not covered by the general health insurance funds or private health insurance funds. There are a few exceptions, for example in the case of a deformity of the breast, a tubular breast or a very pronounced asymmetry.

The assumption of costs is then made in individual decisions by the health insurance companies and the medical service. Patients do not have a legal right to breast augmentation, which has been confirmed again and again in many court decisions.

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There are many good reasons for choosing an operation with Dr. Peter Caspari:

  • Over 25 years of experience in breast surgery.
  • Dr. Caspari has been practising as a surgeon since 1993. After accident and general surgery, he trained in cardiac, thoracic and vascular surgery. The specialisation in plastic, aesthetic and reconstructive surgery took place successively from 1998 onwards.
  • Dr. Caspari opened his own practice clinic at Maximilianstraße 54 in Munich in 2005 and has since treated thousands of patients there.
  • Various national and international advanced training courses and congresses round off his outstanding skills.
  • Dr. Caspari trains colleagues internationally and lets them learn and profit from his experience.
  • Dr. Caspari’s special gift of gathering an outstanding team around him rounds off the portfolio of his practice clinic.
  • In addition to the beautiful clinic rooms and premises, Dr. Caspari places special emphasis on a warm and private atmosphere.
  • A surgery is only performed at Dr. Caspari after a thorough consultation. Your safety comes first here.
  • You can trust in Dr. Caspari’s sound expertise and expect an excellent result. 
  • After your operation, you will be lovingly cared for by the perfectly trained practice team in one of the luxurious rooms of the practice clinic.

Dr. med. Peter Caspari offers you all breast augmentation techniques and much more:

  • Dr. Caspari has now performed thousands of breast operations.
  • Dr. Caspari uses only the highest quality German silicone implants.
  • You can look forward to an individual treatment concept.
  • Your detailed consultation with Dr. Caspari guarantees you exactly the result you want.
  • Before your operation, you will have a detailed discussion with the experienced anaesthetist Dr. med. Arda Yazici; he has been looking after our clinic, together with his team, for over 12 years.
  • We will be happy to answer all your questions about financing and help you with your application.
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Excerpt from congresses and seminars

  • Regular further training and congress attendance:
    “Medical, professional and scientific development is important to me. We want to offer our patients the gentlest and most modern surgical methods. That’s why further training and exchanges at expert meetings are extremely important to me.”
  • Dr. med. Peter Caspari, MD, international speaker:
    “I am very grateful for my diverse experience in the field of plastic surgery and very much enjoy passing on my expert knowledge at national and international specialist congresses.”
  • Member of important professional societies:
    Dr. med. Peter Caspari is a long-standing member of the prestigious German Society of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons (DGPRÄC), the Association of German Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (VDÄPC) as well as the renowned international societies ASAPS, ISAPS and EAFPS.

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